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An unconventional guide to Scotland. A uniquely informative if somewhat unconventional illustrated guide book covering Scottish history and legends, selected castle and distilleries, including Outlander locations, islands, unsolved mysteries and the supernatural. Written and fully illustrated by Alastair M Carmichael.


Scotland is known for its wild beauty, magnificent castles, history and whisky and, whilst this is all true, it also has its unsolved mysteries and stories of supernatural beings and not a few things going bump in the night. It is the location for some historic bloody battles, and whilst certain historical figures are held in high regard for their part, and really should not be (oor Bonnie Prince Charlie springs to mind) some figures have been much maligned and history should show the truth and clear their names (Lord and Lady Macbeth being the best example). This guide will try to right some wrongs and introduce some of the other sides to Scotland that can be visited (if you dare) and give the reader just a wee bit more than that on the shortbread tin.

Visuals of Scotland - The 2021 Scottish Staycation Guide

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