Cotton Face Covering with opening in back to insert filter if required with elastic securing.


The Elastic is a standard size (7", approx 17cm) - if you feel you require longer please let me know

Fabric Face Coverings

  • This is not a medical mask and should not be regarded as such it is simply a face covering. When putting on the face covering you will find an opening on the inside top where you can insert a filter  or as I have suggested a tissue which can be removed and replaced after each use.

    To use the covering safely - Wash your hands before putting on the face covering. Make sure the face covering covers your mouth and nose, and fits snugly without gaps. Avoid touching the face covering while using it. To remove the face covering, remove it from behind (don’t touch the front) and wash your hands afterwards. Homemade cloth face coverings can be reused, but should be hand washed thoroughly after every use in a soap solution.

    And always remember the requirement for social distancing which is the best defence against COVID19.